Aetrex (Shoes)

Aetrex offers extra-depth and diabetic-friendly shoes in styles ranging from sandals to casual to athletic.  Most styles feature a leather upper, soft leather lining, and seamless interior. Some styles offer a rocker-type sole, a protective thermoplastic toe, and three layers of insoles for depth adjustability.

They also offer shoes for the diabetic, which are approved for reimbursement through the Diabetic Shoe Bill. Many of the styles have removable insoles to accommodate orthotics or OTC arch supports. Casual shoes, running shoes, walking shoes and sandals.

Among the other Aetrex styles you'll find in our stores, we carry:

BerryBerry Black


Berry Ankle Boot


Berry Padded

Berry Padded Boot


aetrex emma black

Emma Monstrap


aetrex jillian blackaetrex jillian bronz