Northwest Winter Challenge Prize Winners!

by Aviva Browning, Assistant Running & Fitness Coordinator

This blog page is devoted to announcing Northwest Winter Challenge prize winners! You can also find video announcements of each winner on the Facebook event page

Prize Winners:

  • 1/18/18: Gift cards towards a pair of running shoes from On Running go to David Edwards and Anastasia Duarte!
  • 1/17/18: Unicorn lips chapstick and a subscription to Ultra Running Magazine goes to Anna Gullickson!
  • 1/16/18: Kevin Chou wins a free session with Sport & Spine Mercer Island!
  • 1/14/18 & 1/15/18: Four winners today! Headsweats visors go to Andrea Eason & Jeri Sawyer. Northwest Trail Runs beanie hats go to Denise Bender & Raven Perry.
  • 1/13/18: Robert McNeel, wins a free subscription to UltraRunning Magazine!
  • 1/12/18: Brooks beverage containers to Nikki Ball and Fes Naqvi!
  • 1/11/18: A FREE entry to the Post Canyon Half-Marathon to Kaeli LaMont! All other participants in the Winter Challenge can use code: winterwarrior for 20% either the 1/2 Marathon or 50K on August 11, 2018.
  • 1/10/18: Karen Oyama gets a Topo Athletic running hat and Jim Correia gets a $50 gift card towards a pair of Topo Athletic shoes at SHOES-n-FEET.
  • 1/9/18: A Brooks Runnning beanie hat to Roxanne Egeland and a $50 gift card toward Brooks Shoes at SHOES-n-FEET for Stacey Nievweija!
  • 1/8/18: A TriggerPoint massage stick to Sabina Havkins! 
  • 1/7/18: Hoka One One trucker hat to Kelly Schwarting!
  • 1/6/18: One pair of Balega socks + a $50 gift card to SHOES-n-FEET for Brian Miller and Sue Goheen AND one pair of Balega Socks to Teana Sterr!
  • 1/5/18: A "The Orb Extreme" massage ball by Pro-Tec Athletics goes to Jessica Hargin!
  • 1/4/18: A Northwest Trail Runs winter hat goes to Ben Thomassen!
  • 1/3/18: A SHOES-n-FEET original Run Washington t-shirt goes to Miranda Hemmings!
  • 1/2/18: A Northwest Trail Runs winter hat goes to Pamela Grattan, and a Hoka One One t-shirt goes to Leanne Vanderschoot!

Collecting prizes:

If you live in the Seattle/Bellevue area, you can:

1. Visit us at SHOES-n-FEET, at 15015 Main St., Suite 102, Bellevue, WA.

2. Come to a Northwest Trial Runs event and visit the SHOES-n-FEET tent! Either the Frost Eagle race on 1/20 in Sammamish, or the Interlaken Icicle Dash on 2/5 in Seattle. 

3. Join in for an upcoming Northwest Winter Challenge Pub Run! The first one is coming up this Saturday, 1/6, 5 p.m. at the Chainline Brewing Company

If you live outside the Seattle/Bellevue area, you can:

Contact us at 425-653-2329, or, and we can mail your prize to you! 

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