Brands We Carry

Shopping for the best running shoes, walking shoes, insoles, socks and accessories in Bellevue is easy at SHOES-n-FEET. We carefully select each product, from each brand, to make sure you see the best selection of running footwear, socks, insoles and accessories. We personally test products from each brand we carry and stand by our product selections as the best that our athletic brands have to offer. We also understand the functional benefits of each of our products and can make recommendations for you based on your individual needs.

Below is a list of the brands we currently carry in-store. We are constantly updating our product mix. If you don't see the brand you are looking for call or stop into the store. We may have recently added it. Or let us know what brands you think we should carry by emailing our Director of Running:

Aetrex (Shoes)

Aetrex offers extra-depth and diabetic-friendly shoes in styles ranging from sandals to casual to athletic.  Most styles feature a leather upper, soft leather lining, and seamless interior. Some styles offer a rocker-type sole, a protective thermoplastic toe, and three layers of insoles for…

Aetrex (Socks)

Aetrex socks with copper sole technology have been lab tested and clinically proven to help prevent bacteria, fungi and odor, as well as to improve skin texture and appearance.


Aravon is a sister company to New Balance and incorporates their innovative technology into their extra-depth professional shoes, casual shoes, walking shoes and sandals. Aravon’s focus is on fit. They go beyond length…


Asics uses high-quality materials and construction like carbon rubber outsoles, combinations of EVA and thermoplastic stability bridges in midsole for support and shock absorption, and the Gel cushioning system.


The running socks made by Balega (which means “to move with speed” in Zulu) are known for their durability and ultra-soft material.


Bio-Soft, made by Orthofeet, is a mild arch support designed to provide extra cushion, support, and pressure distribution.

Birkenstock & Birkis

Cork, leather, a buckle or two, a simple idea that’s made feet happy for over two hundred years—that’s the original Birkenstock made in Germany since 1774.


Brooks is recognized as the product of choice for all levels of activity.


The spirit behind Dansko is healthy feet, healthy body, and healthy planet.  Dansko brings the traditional carved wood clog into the modern age. Danskos use polyurethane soles for increased comfort and shock absorption.


Dunham, a New Balance company, makes men’s shoes to fit your life, your activities, and most importantly, your feet. They feature outdoor, work, and casual footwear in many sizes and widths. 


A sister brand of Kalso Earth and Earthies, the new Earth line encourages you to "step into wellness."


Developed by the good-for-you footwear brand Earth, known for shoes with a slight sole incline to re-position the wearer’s body weight back naturally over their frame, Earthies are short heels and wedges for the…