Love the shoes that I've purchased at your store.  I teach kindergarten, so I'm on my feet all the time.  Since wearing your products, my feet have remained comfortable and pain free throughout my entire day.  THANKS!

Cheryl W.

I purchased two pairs of shoes several months after foot surgery. Since then, those two pairs of shoes have withstood long-time wear. I needed more shoes, so I purchased regular shoes at a local store. I am paying the price with aches and pains in my foot! I will be going back to SHOES-n-FEET to purchase more shoes since they worked the best and give me the most comfort.

Lisa T.


Thank you so much for fitting me into these Saucony tennis shoes! They fit nicely, and I wear my compression sock on the left foot and put a band-aid on the scar so it doesn't rub on the shoe. Wearing a regular sock on that foot is too much, but this works. And with the great way that you did the shoe strings, it works out well for support and for the swelling issue. I have much more confidence in walking and am walking more, my ankles are supported better and consequently my foot is becoming more flexible!

Thank you so much!  You do such good work, and you are fun and so informative! I appreciate it!

K. Hood

Everyone was so helpful and assisted me in finding the right shoes for my situation. I appreciated the time and effort they took to take care of me. I have never had such a wonderful experience anywhere else. Thank you.

Weldee W.

On June 20th I purchased a pair of shoes (the Aetrex "Lucy") at your Tacoma store. This is the fourth pair of shoes I have bought at SHOES-n-FEET in the past two years, and each time I am impressed with the care, courtesy, and expertise with which I am treated by your knowledgeable employees. Roz waited on me this time as she did last year, and she was painstaking in her fitting and explanation of the kind of shoe I needed. In the past, Carol has waited on me, too, and also took time and care. Both the products you have available and the people who sell them are of the highest quality. Thank you.

Annette H.

I recently bought a new pair of Naots as well as new Brooks walking shoes in the Bellevue store.  They're super.  The best thing is I brought back two pairs Munros that were giving me problems and your associate put new footbeds in them.  I thought I wouldn't be able to wear them again, but they're reborn!  Now I have 4 pairs of terrific shoes!  Your new footbeds are great. Thank you so much.

Joy P.

I was highly impressed with Carol Traulsen at the store in Tacoma. She was very informative and personable. I felt a little unsure before going, not knowing really how to explain my special need, but carol was amazing, she asked the right questions and I truly felt she understood what I needed. So because of her I found the perfect shoe for work. This was just yesterday I went and I have already told 12 people at work. So here’s to you Carol and of course Dr.Scott for recommending SHOES-n-FEET to me in the first place, I love my new shoes, and will be back in to get my second pair in about 2wks. thank-you Shauna Nelson


Maria Rocks as a shoe fitter.


Thanks SHOES-n-FEET. I felt very welcomed to walk into the store I, was greeted and my needs were met. When I walked out my feet were feeling great! The Merrells I bought felt great. I'm very happy with them and I'll be back to get more ... Not very often you walk into a store and be greeted the way they greet you!!!! Thanks to the ladies that work at SHOES-n-FEET in Tacoma, WA.


I really enjoy my visits to purchase shoes through Dansko and Merrell. The associates are always friendly and professional. I never feel pressured or hurried. It's the way customer service should be!