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SNF Racing, with help from our sponsors, will support up to 10 athletes that will represent SHOES-n-FEET in local running races and events.  This is not a running club, this is a racing team.  We will not have boring meetings or annual newsletters.  We are 100% about supporting local runners and running the best local races. Selection criteria for sponsored athletes will be based on participation in local events, performance results and social media involvement.  To qualify you must demonstrate both top performances in your age group, in local running events and/or demonstrate a strong presence in social media. SNF Racing is all about finding awesome community members who run and support them.  The 2016 team consists of firefighters, teachers, recent college grads, small business owners and other amazing local runners.  We are proud to sponsor these athletes for 2016!


Sponsored Athletes will receive:

  • FREE or discounted Racing apparel kit that includes singlet, shorts and warm-ups.
  • FREE or discounted shoes when offered by sponsors
  • FREE or discounted entries to races that SHOES-n-FEET sponsors.
  • Wholesale and discounted pricing on additional shoes and gear from SHOES-n-FEET in-store brands.
  • Access to SHOES-n-FEET hospitality tent at events SHOES-n-FEET sponsors.
  • FREE coaching from the SHOES-n-FEET Director of Running or another appointed coach.

Sponsored Athletes will be required to:

  • Wear SNF Racing uniform at all racing events.
  • Attend 1 group run from the SHOES-n-FEET each month.
  • Participant in social media by tagging, sharing and mentioning participation with SHOES-n-FEET or other sponsors on relevant social media platforms.
  • Generally be a good steward of SHOES-n-FEET.