Daily Run Log Instructions - School's Out Challenge

We’ll keep track of your daily activity. Each day, sign in via the Raceday website (racemenu.com/raceday), or on the RaceMenu Raceday iOS mobile app (which you can download from the App Store). 

Logging your activity:  You must log your activity using one or both interfaces described below. You'll have four days to log each daily run. For example, you have until 11:59pm on April  5th to log your April 1st activity. There are two methods you can use to enter your activity.  

  • Apple IOS app for iPhone: Download the Raceday iOS app 
  • Android or other non-Apple/iphone users: There will also be a mobile friendly web version for logging activity and viewing the leaderboards from any device at racemenu.com/raceday

Logging-in to the apps or web interface: Remember to use the exact login format that you used to register for RaceMenu when you registered for the event i.e. if you connected via Facebook, Google etc. you must login the same way. OR If you used an email to create your RaceMenu account you must login that way.

If you have trouble with logging your activity: For technical support, i.e. "I can't login to app," please contact RaceMenu at hello@racemenu.com. You can find additional help on the RaceMenu FAQ page


  1. I am unable to login to the tracking app or website
  2. I have an error in my log that I cannot fix
  3. I forgot to add myself to a team when I registered


  1. I have a question on the rules
  2. I have a question about my raffle prize
  3. I have a question about an event associated with the Challenge

If you forgot to buy a shirt or hoodie or want to make an additional donation to Jubilee REACH, please visit the registration page INSERT PAGE and select “I forgot to order….” and click REGISTER.

Below you'll find step-by-step instructions for logging your daily activity.

One more quick tip: The app admin's (RaceMenu) servers are based on the East Coast, for some people your device and their servers won't communicate well on the time of day due to the time zone difference. If you log your entries after 9 PM Pacific Time, it may bump your entry to the next day. You are allowed to choose your time of day for each entry (see below), we recommend always setting that time to before 9:00 PM PACIFIC regardless of whether you completed that run be for 9:00 PM PACIFIC or not.

For other contest questions (non-technical), please contact Adam Stuhlfaut, CWO Chief Warrior Officer @ SHOES-n-FEET at adam.stuhlfaut@shoesnfeet.com.

To log your runs, you have two options:

Option 1: iPhone users, download the Raceday iOS racemenu.com/racedayios app from the app store.

raceday ios app image

Option 2: Desktop or non-iPhone mobile users, log into racemenu.com/raceday from any web browser.

Either way, you will get this login screen:

•You must login with the same email and password OR connect via the same Facebook account that you used to register. 

winter challenge login screen

After you login, you will see this screen in both interfaces:

•Tap the “School's Out Fitness Challenge”

•iPhone app users, if you don’t see this screen verify that the “Run Log” button is on the bottom menu.  Tap that button if you don’t see the “School's Out Fitness Challenge” listed above.

Just a note: Below are instructions for our Northwest Winter Challenge. Once the app is full set for the School's Out Fitness Challenge, we'll edit with fresh screen shots. The below will at least give you the look and feel of it. 

This is the home screen for the challenge:

•To log a run, tap “Log a Run”

•To see the leaders, tap “Leaderboard”

•To see your personal history of runs logged tap “History”

contest home screen

This is the "Log a Run" screen:

•Fill in everything but “Pace” (that will be calculated for you).

•Click “Save” at bottom.

contest log a run screen

If you need to backdate a run/walk, tap or click on the date and either a calendar (RaceDay website) or scrolling number bars (iPhone app) will appear. Below is an image of the iPhone app.

change date picture

This is the "Leaderboard":

•The default view is the overall ranking. To see other categories, i.e. gold, silver or bronze, tap the word "Overall" to choose another category. 

contest leaderboard screen

This is your personal history screen:

•Tap on any line to see details.

contest history screen

For technical support, i.e. "I can't login to app," please contact RaceMenu at hello@racemenu.com. You can find additional help on the RaceMenu FAQ page.

For other contest questions, please contact Adam Stuhlfaut, CWO Chief Warrior Officer @ SHOES-n-FEET at adam.stuhlfaut@shoesnfeet.com.