Holiday Challenge End of Challenge FAQ

Thank you for your participation in the Holiday Challenge! This FAQ is intended to answer your end of challenge questions. Also, don’t forget about man event, January Challenge, and Overtime. Keep up your streak in 2020!
I forgot to order a shirt or medal! Can I still do that?
Please go to this website: It only has one button to select for "I forgot to order a medal or shirts, pay for shipping or make a donation." Click that button and the word "Register" and it will take you through the process to get a shirt and medal. 
Why do I suddenly see a Red X on my profile? How do I know my results are correct?
To get the results accurate, RaceMenu pushed through an update that puts a red "X" on your profile in certain profile views or removes the medals in other profile views, if your run log is not accurately updated. It gives you the X when you have not logged for more than two days, essentially enforcing the three-strikes rule. Please look at the below graphic for the meaning of symbols on your profile page. If you have any problems or questions with your run log, please contact:
Meanings of profile symbols for Northwest Winter Challenge

When will the results be final?
It is crucial that you log for final entries as soon as possible. Remember that you have four days after a run/walk to log it, so the last possible day to log anything is 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 29. At that time, we will consider the results complete. Please only record runs/walks you've completed through December 25.
When will I receive my shirt, sweatshirt and/or medal?
  • Shirts/Sweatshirts: We anticipate the t-shirts and sweatshirts to be available the first week of January. We'll send out an email and post on social media when they are ready. If you elected to have your gear mailed, we'll do that starting the first week of January, so please expect your items the second week of January.
  • Medals: We order the medals for Holiday Challenge and January Challenge at the same time from our medal vendor. Therefore the medals  be ready in early February. 
When competitive awards go out? 
We will mail competitive awards out the last week of December as soon as we certify the results. We are giving awards for:
  • Most Team Miles
  • Highest Average Team Miles
  • Most Overall Miles
  • Most Winter Warrior Miles
  • Most Miles Gold Participants
  • Most Miles Silver Participants
  • Most Miles Bronze Participants
How do I make sure my name will be on the shirt?
Remember, the qualification for getting your name on the shirt is to have logged at least one mile each day outside. Please verify that you are on the Winter Warrior list by tapping or clicking on "Leaderboard" from the profile page, and then tapping or clicking on the word "Overall" to bring up the drop-down list. From the drop-down list select "Winter Warrior." You may also verify your status by noting that you have a small blue ribbon attached to your Gold, Silver or Bronze ribbon. Please also check the spelling of your name. Email corrections for spelling to
The final list is going to the printer at NOON on MONDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2019. NO CHANGES OR ADDITIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER NOON ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2019. 
What do I do if I see errors in my log?
If you find problems with your entries, or cannot log an entry for a day, the correct email address to use is - that is the help desk for RaceMenu. Include the following information:
  • Date
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Indoor vs outdoor
  • Whether you logged using the RaceDay website or the iOS app
Thanks, and enjoy your first day off! See you January 1 with your first entry for the January Challenge!