Northwest Winter Challenge Overtime Rules

The Northwest Winter Challenge Overtime starts February 1, 2020!  Below is the comprehensive list of rules, prizes and other information to help you during the contest. Until then, rest, rally your teammates, sign-up new teammates and get ready! If you find yourself on this page and have not registered, click here to register.

We challenge you to walk or run at least 1 mile a day Feb. 1 - Mar. 17. Similar to the Northwest Winter Challenge, but with a "3 strikes, you're out" rule so you can miss two days and remain active in the challenge. Indoor and outdoor miles count. At least one mile a day outdoors earns Winter Warrior Overtime status.


The spirit of the Challenge is to run or walk at least one mile each day in February and March. Similar to the Northwest Winter Challenge, but with a "3 strikes, you're out" rule so you can miss two days and remain active in the challenge. Indoor and outdoor miles count. At least one mile a day outdoors earns Winter Warrior Overtime status.

Challenge Status: Participants may run/walk either inside or outside to remain in the Challenge. Participants must run/walk at least one mile once per calendar day.  

Overall Leaderboard: A participant’s total cumulative miles, indoor + outdoor, determines Gold, Silver or Bronze status for the overall leaderboard. Participants may walk/run more than once per day.  For example, 5 walks of 1 mile in one day would add up to 5-miles and be counted towards Gold status.

Gold, Silver & Bronze Status: The ribbon badge on your profile/home page always displays as the color ribbon associated with your total overall miles indoor + outdoor. 

  • Gold = 5 miles/day
  • Silver = 3 miles/day
  • Bronze = 1 mile/day

Winter Warrior Status: To receive Winter Warrior status, you must complete at least one mile per day OUTSIDE

Winter Warrior Leaderboard: If you have inside and outside miles, your status badge may be different on the Winter Warrior Leaderboard than the Overall Leaderboard.

  • Say a participant runs twice in a day: 2 miles outside and 3 miles inside. In the case of that participant, they are Bronze Winter Warrior for running 2 miles outside and Gold non-Warrior on the overall leaderboard. The profile page will show the Gold ribbon without the Winter Warrior icon, but the Winter Warrior leaderboard will show the Silver Ribbon with the Winter Warrior icon attached. This person would still qualify for their name on the shirt (see below). 

T-shirt/Sweatshirt Status: Participants who maintain their Winter Warrior status, at least one mile per day outdoors, the entire month will have their name printed on the back of the shirt and sweatshirt. See “T-shirts, Sweatshirts & Medals” below for more info.

Team Challenge: All team miles, indoor + outdoor, count in the team competition. Participants can add to their team’s miles regardless of individual challenge status. If a participant drops out of the individual challenge that participant can keep logging miles towards the team challenge.  


Weekly Facebook live raffle: We have the top shoe and gear brands giving us swag to raffle off. Raffles are on the SHOES-n-FEET Facebook page and then shared immediately to the Facebook Event Page

End of Challenge: We’ll have the following end of Challenge prizes.

  • Most Total Team Miles
  • Highest Per Team Member Average Miles
  • Most Miles Individual – Indoors/Outdoors Combined – Overall + Most Gold, Silver & Bronze miles.  i.e. If most overall miles go to someone from Silver, we will award a prize to Top Gold and Top Bronze as well.  
  • Most Individual Winter Warrior Miles


Our Facebook Event Page is where most of the action will take place- take pictures, talk trash, and share motivation!  Also, use #northwestwinterchallenge and #shoesnfeet on all your social media posts. You can also tag the Facebook event page. We need to see your pics to give you prizes!

We'll be integrating a social media feed into the app.  Using the #'s will ensure your posts from your Facebook feed will get into the app feed. #northwestwinterchallenge #shoesnfeet 

However, please post as many pictures as you can on the event page! Those pictures also will go into the social feed on the app. 


Or as we like to call you CMO’s – Chief Motivational Officers!  Let your teammates know that prizes are at stake for the most fun, most goofy and most inspiring social media posts about the challenge.  Get your teams together for group runs, take pictures and show us why your teammates are the truest of Winter Warriors! 

Also, make sure to remind your teammates that have not yet signed-up to register soon. Anyone who registers after 11:59 PM on January 31, 2020, and up to and on February 5, 2020 (deadline) may have to wait up to 24 hours to get their account activated.

Logging your miles

You must log your miles using one or both interfaces described below. You'll have four days to log each daily run. For example, you have until 11:59 PM on February 5th to log your February 1st run, or until 11:59 PM February 20th to log your February 16th run. If you miss the 4-day deadline, you're out of the challenge--no exceptions. The tracking apps will be live on February 1st.  Read our step-by-step instructional.

Apple IOS app for iPhone: Download the Raceday iOS app for logging miles. If you have a previous version of the RaceDay app, you must download or update to the most recent version. 

Android or other non-Apple/iPhone users: There will also be a mobile-friendly web version for logging miles and viewing the leaderboards from any device at

Logging-in: Remember to use the exact login format that you used to register for RaceMenu when you registered for the event i.e. if you connected via Facebook, Google etc. you must log in the same way. OR If you used an email to create your RaceMenu account you must log in that way.

If you have trouble with logging your miles: You can email the app producer support line directly at You can find additional help on the RaceMenu FAQ page OR at this Step-by-Step guide.


Maybe you don't want another running shirt in your life (totally understandable, as us runners have a lot of race shirts), but THIS SHIRT will have your name on it IF you do at least 1 mile a day outdoors. 

Winter Challenge Overtime Shirts

T-shirt/sweatshirt Deadline: If you did not initially order a t-shirt or sweatshirt during registration you still can order one. The deadline is mid-March, 2020. To order a shirt, go to the registration page and select: "Shirts, Shipping, Donations & Fundraisers Only" and it will take your shirt order. 


  • If you have any technical questions with the app, i.e. "I cannot log in", or "my miles are not right" you must contact RaceMenu at
  • If you have any non-technical questions about the contest, please contact us at