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True innovations from athletic shoe brands are few and far between these days.  Often it takes an outsider or a new brand to force the change.  New brands such as Hoka One One and On Running, to name two, have seen great success pushing both the technological and aesthetic boundaries.  We are excited to bring in another new brand, called Topo Athletic, that we think is creating innovations in both fit but also manufacturing that might be the next flashpoint to change the footwear industry. 

Topo is named for its founder Tony Post.  Tony was the CEO/Founder of Vibram USA, which was the company that invented the Five Fingers toe shoes.  He left Vibram USA because he wanted to use his knowledge gained from the natural/barefoot shoes and infuse that knowledge into non-toe shoes. He also wanted to change the way footwear brands build shoes. For example, Topo was one of the first brands to experiment with 3D printed elements in their shoe construction.  The also worked with innovative new companies such as eVent to create lighter, durable, low-cost waterproof shoes. 

Topo shoes are known for four key elements: a wider toe box to let the toes and feet stretch and splay naturally, a snug arch and heel fit, lower heel drops (difference in height between heel and forefoot) and 10% lower price points than many major brands. 

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