Welcome to Overtime Email 2019

Thanks for signing up for Northwest Winter Challenge Overtime. We look forward to helping you to walk or run every day in February and March.  

If you participated in the January Challenge, the format is very similar. On February 1 when you log in to either the RaceDay iOS app or the RaceDay web server, please make sure to select the Overtime Challenge to start logging your Overtime miles. Do not record your overtime miles into the January Challenge run log.  

If you are new to the Northwest Winter Challenge for Overtime when you log in to either the RaceDay iOS app or the RaceDay web server you will only see the Overtime challenge to select.  

Please continue to post pictures on the Northwest Winter Challenge Facebook event page, and if you use Instagram tag #northwestwinterchallege and #shoesnfeet so that your posts appear in the social feed on the iOS app and the social media feed.

If you are unable to log in or have trouble with recording your runs, please visit the following web pages:

If all else fails, you can email the RaceMenu Help Desk: hello@racemenu.com.

If you have questions on the rules, please read them on our website. You can also email me at adam.stuhlfaut@shoesnfeet.com

I look forward to embracing Winter with the Overtime Warriors!

Adam - Chief Warrior Officer