Ecco shoes combine innovative features and high quality materials, demonstrating their Scandinavian heritage through beautiful design. This Danish brand has been producing lightweight, flexible and durable shoes since 1963, providing the "Freedom Fit": a fit that allows toes to spread naturally and better support the body.

 Ecco's range of shock-absorbing footbeds protect the whole body from aches and pains. Without sacrificing style for comfort, the man on the move can trust that his Ecco's will keep his feet healthy and supported.

Among the other Earthies styles you'll find in our stores, we carry:



Ecco Helsinki Lace

Helsinki Lace

Ecco Helsinki Plain Black

Helsinki Plain 

Ecco Helsinki SliponEcco Helsinki Slipon Rust

Helsinki Slip On

Yucatan BisonYucatan Atmosphere

Ecco Yukatan BlackYucatan