SHOES-n-FEET is your resource for the many races, walks, clinics and fitness activities in your community. In the store, around Bellevue, San Francisco and beyond, there are tons of ways to keep active and on the move.

At SHOES-n-FEET we love promoting fitness in all its forms. We carefully select road races and walking events to sponsor that are safe, fun and reliable. We focus our support on local events in local communities close to our stores in Bellevue and San Francisco. We also host our own group runs and training programs, including our new Be You Couch to 5K training program. Please select the links below to check out the events and programs that we sponsor or put on ourselves.


SHOES-n-FEET carefully selects and only recommends events that we think will be a fantastic experience for our customers. We are excited to have many great events to recommend to you. If you participate in a sponsored race, please come into the store and tell us about it.  We value your feedback on the races and enjoy hearing about your experiences!

If you are a race director and want SHOES-n-FEET to sponsor your race, please contact to discuss sponsorship opportunities.  

NORTHWEST WINTER CHALLENGE IS ON FOR 2020. Challenge yourself to run or walk at least one mile per day in January. Run or walk 31 days in a row, indoors or outdoors, and complete the contest. One-mile a day OUTSIDE qualifies you as a Winter Warrior. 

The 2020 Challenge raises money for our charity partner, Eastside Baby Corner

Bellevue, January 22 - April 15, 2020
Are you looking to train for a 5K or 10K, but don’t know where to start?  Or are you an advanced runner looking to improve? Train with us on Wednesday evenings. Our summer session starts on Sept 18, 2019!
Bellevue January 21 - April 25, 2020
Go the distance this fall with our coached marathon and half-marathon training! Train with us on Tuesday nights (6 p.m.) and Saturday mornings (8 a.m.). These two programs are expertly coached and will provide two in-person sessions per week, plus a weekly training plan. Group training for your marathon and half-marathon ensures you have the motivation and support coming from other participants. Our training groups are well-known for our supportive and inclusive atmosphere

We challenge you to walk or run at least 1 mile a day February 1 through March 17. Overtime Challenge is similar to the Northwest Winter Challenge, but with a "3 strikes, you're out" rule so you can miss two days and remain active in the challenge. Indoor and outdoor miles count. At least one mile a day outdoors earns Overtime Warrior status.

Bellevue April 19, 2020
Teams of 2-5 runners will race on a 5k out-and-back route on the mostly wide and flat Lake Hills Greenbelt trails, with only a few short stretches of pavement. There will be a Hangout Zone set aside in the parking lot for each team to set up a canopy, chairs, etc. Think running race tailgating! We encourage team costumes and will be giving out spirit awards. We also have an option for open 5K and open 50K.
Bellevue Saturday, April 25, 11 AM - 2 PM
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