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Gait Observation

gait observance

Gait observation is a key tool used by the Certified Shoe Fitters at SHOES-n-FEET® to make sure you receive the best fitting shoes and arch supports possible. They observe both static (standing) and dynamic (walking) positions of movement to help determine your general foot shape, arch type, foot flexibility and movement patterns. If you are buying shoes specifically for running, we may even ask you to run on a treadmill. With this information your Shoe Fitting Specialist can help direct you to the best type of footwear and arch support for your unique needs.

Unlike gait analysis—a technical process provided by a medical professional, such a podiatrist or physical therapist, to help diagnose a specific biomechanical condition—gait observation techniques help to guide your Shoe Fitting Specialist to a properly fitting shoe or arch support. If you have been experiencing recurring foot or ankle pain, ask a SHOES-n-FEET Certified Shoe Fitting Specialist for a referral to a medical professional in your area. The medical professional can then help in diagnosing the specific issue so they can create a treatment plan specifically for your problem.