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Prefabricated Arch Supports

Our staff at SHOES-n-FEET is trained by podiatrists to evaluate your foot and help you find the best arch support.

Certified Shoe Fitter Tip: "When selecting and fitting an arch support, I always ask about the intended use for the support.  For example, is it meant for an athletic shoe or a dress shoe." -  Lara, Federal Way SHOES-n-FEET

Selecting the Best Arch Supports for Your Feet

Out of the hundreds of over-the-counter arch supports on the market, SHOES-n-FEET® has selected these brands and models as the best for our customers.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the podiatrists, pedorthists, physical therapists and other foot health professionals who have helped us evaluate the many arch supports on the market and select the best ones. We have looked for devices that provide excellent support and good cushioning for a variety of foot types. In addition, we have looked for devices that fit a variety of different shoes. Given the vast variety of foot shapes and shoe types, we have selected more than 10 models of arch supports in order to be able to fit the greatest number of people with a device that is best for their particular foot.

Keep in mind that there is no one “perfect” arch support - regardless of what some advertising may claim. An arch support that is perfect for your foot may not work well for your friend. Or one that works great in an athletic shoe may not fit into a women's dress shoe. That is why we carry so many different models of arch supports and spend so much time training our staff on proper fitting. As a matter of fact, we have the best selection available on the West Coast.

Our staff at SHOES-n-FEET is trained by podiatrists to evaluate your foot and help you find the best arch support for your foot. They will look at the height of your arch, how stable your foot is, how wide it is in the heel and in the forefoot and whether you have any structural problems that may make one arch support work better than another. After that they will ask you about your activities and the types of shoes that you wear. Using all of that information they will choose the best models of arch supports for your feet and shoes and then individually fit them to your feet.

In some cases, we may feel that we don't have an over-the-counter arch support that would work well for your feet. Some feet are just too flat, too high-arched or have some structural abnormality that makes it difficult to fit an over-the-counter arch support. In that situation we would likely refer you to a podiatrist or other foot health professional that can evaluate whether you are a candidate for prescription orthotics. Additionally, we would recommend that you don't buy any shoes from us until after you find out if you need orthotics. That way we can ensure that your feet, your shoes and your orthotics all work together in harmony.