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Shoe Customization

shoe customization

Shoe customization is the modification and adjustment of shoes so that they best match your feet.

In some cases we will adjust your shoes to provide a better fit. Shoe customization is the modification and adjustment of shoes so that they best match your feet. The process might involve stretching over a bunion, or placing a pad so that your heel is more secure. In some cases it might even mean putting a different type of sole on your shoe at the request of your foot doctor. Shoe Customization takes the fitting of shoes to a higher level in order to provide your feet with the best fit they have ever had. The following is a list of shoe modifications offered by SHOES-n-FEET®.

Heel Wedge*

a cork insert that can be moved from shoe to shoe

¼” or ¼” wedge: used to compensate for minor limb length discrepancies, relief for plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis

¼” lateral wedge (eversion of heel): used to increase valgus control, medical knee degenerative joint disorder (DJD)

¼” medial wedge (inversion of heel): used to increase varus control, chronic plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial (PT) tendonitis/dysfunction, lateral knee DJD

Shoe Lift*

material matched to the shoe and added to the sole

full length or heel lift: used to compensate for congenital, development, or surgical limb length discrepancies

Rocker Sole

material matched to the shoe and added to sole

forefoot rocker sole: used to relieve metatarsal pain, limit metatarsophalangeal (MTP) motion, load weight-bearing area of foot proximal to met heads in cases of metatarsalgia, capsulitis, hallux limitus, and intractable plantar keratosis (IPK)

full length/heel-to-toe rocker sole: used to dissipate floor reaction at heel strike, replace lost motion at ankle, limit midfoot motion, reduce pressure on metatarsals, and increase propulsion at toe off ; can be used in cases of severe hallux rigidus, severe IPK with metatarsalgia and/or capsulitis, ankle fusion, forefoot ulcerations, or charcot


a build-up of material on the upper, extending down the sole of the shoe

medial flange: used to keep the foot on top of the shoe in cases of PT dysfunction and charcot

lateral flange: used to keep the foot on top of the shoe in cases of extreme supination resulting in excessive lateral wear


an extension of the sole of the shoe outward

medial flare: used to improve medial stability in cases of extreme over pronation, PT tendonitis, or charcot

lateral flare: used to improve lateral stability in cases of lateral ankle instability or extreme lateral wear on shoe

Graphite Plate

full-length graphite plate insert

full-length graphite plate: used to stiffen the shoe and limit the range of motion of the ankle and dorsiflexion of the forefoot; used in severe cases such as fused ankles; generally most comfortable with an arch support and rocker sole


width or depth of shoe upper may be stretched to relieve pressure in localized areas; length cannot be stretched

wide or high volume forefoot: toe box stretch to increase room across the ball of the foot

hammertoes: localized depth stretch

bunion: stretch at the first metatarsalphalangeal joint (MPJ)

haglund’s deformity: localized stretch to create a small pocket for bump on heel

tailors bunion: stretch at the fifth MPJ

5th digit: stretch at the location of the small toe

Insole Repair

top cover repair on custom orthotics or over-the-counter arch supports with no additional support components on forefoot

 full or ¾ length top cover: Spenco/Vinyl/Neoprene

Please Note: SHOES-n-FEET carries a variety of OTC arch supports. We do not make custom orthotics.


replacement of the sole of the shoe

heel or full-length replacement: rubber and crape soled shoes  (not all shoes can be resoled with exact sole and/or traction pattern); some of the vendors at SHOES-n-FEET have their own resoling programs

* a prescription specifying measurement is necessary