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Ziera (Kumfs)

Since 1933, Ziera (formerly known under the brand name "Kumfs") has been designing and manufacturing blissfully comfortable shoes for women. Ziera's removable footbeds help them to lead the market in orthotic-capable women’s shoes, and they are the most recommended fashion footwear brand of podiatrists and physiotherapists in Australia. 

Shoes are constructed with padded collars and suede heel grips, which are soft on the tender skin around the ankle. The heel stiffener provides heel support and prevents heels from slipping while walking. Gel cushioning inlays provide shock absorption where most needed. Poron memory cushioning is the most advanced microcellular shock-absorbing material, bouncing back after impact step after step. Ziera uses its own Poron A insole, which is light and absorbs pavement shock, lessening damage to feet, legs, hips and spine when walking.

Among the other Ziera styles you'll find in our stores, we carry:



Ziera Diego Gold



Ziera Jiggle BlackZiera Jiggle Silver




Ziera Xray BlackZiera Xray NavyZiera Xray PewterZiera Xray Red