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Beat the Bird 5K Supports Renewal Food Bank

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Earn your turkey dinner this Thanksgiving with the 10th Annual Beat the Bird 5K and Lil’ Drumstick 1K hosted by SHOES-n-FEET. The event is being put on in partnership with the Renewal Food Bank and their efforts towards feeding the hungry within Bellevue’s community.

“As an independent family-owned business, we love to support the local charities and nonprofits that make Bellevue’s community so great,” said SHOES-n-FEET store owner Chris Bentvelzen. “Our partnership with Renewal Food Bank has given us the opportunity to give back and help make a difference this holiday season.”

Participants from the 2018 Beat the Bird 5K

The Renewal Food Bank was established in 1998 by long-time Director Rich Bowen. Located on Bel Road just East of 148th Street, Renewal Food Bank has been inspired by the commitment to serve Bellevue’s community for the past 21 years.

Since the beginning, the non-profit organization has continued to put it’s right foot forward in trying to help solve the issue of hunger within local Bellevue neighborhoods. In doing so, the food bank has worked from the ground up, becoming a safe haven for people in need of help.

“Every family has a story, everybody has circumstances,” Bowen said. “As time has gone on, it’s been my passion knowing at the end of the day our non-profit did something that made a difference in somebody else’s life.”

Participants from the 2018 Beat the Bird 5K

Proceeds from Beat the Bird will go towards the Renewal Food Bank’s efforts of providing food and resources for the surrounding Bellevue neighborhoods. Without local community partners like SHOES-n-FEET, among others, the Renewal Food Bank wouldn’t be able to thrive on supporting its mission of feeding those in need.

“I’m buying more food now than I ever have,” Bowen said. “My focus has always been making the families that come here feel welcome and making sure they’re treated with dignity and respect.”

After 21 years, Bowen will be working his final year as the director of Renewal Food Bank and will be making an appearance at the start line to spread awareness about his local non-profit for everybody in attendance.

“It will be an opportunity for me to thank the participants for supporting the cause of Renewal Food Bank,” Bowen said.

Festivities will take place on Thanksgiving morning, November 28, outside of SHOES-n-FEET. With the Lil’ Drumstick 1K set to begin at 8:45 a.m., followed by the Beat the Bird 5K scheduled to begin at 9:15 am, bring the whole family and help support those that live so close to you this holiday season.

Registration is open, so click here to sign up!

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