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Meet Be You runner Olivia Wong

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Olivia first started running in high school where she participated in one season of track, competing in the 100m, 100m hurdles, 200m and 4x100m running events. Olivia would take up running again sporadically in her late 20’s, but it wasn’t until her mid-30’s when she truly found herself taking up the art of distance running.

At the time, Olivia needed an outlet to clear her mind and find relief from life’s many stresses. Running longer distances helped Olivia conquer these stresses and inspired her to find a much greater passion for the activity. As a result, Olivia was able to find newfound freedom and spark a new chapter in her life moving forward.

From running a half marathon across the Golden Gate Bridge in 2013 during San Francisco’s Golden Gate Half Marathon to experiencing the magic of running through the heart of Disneyland’s Star Wars Half Marathon in 2017, Olivia has a storybook of memories to add to her running resume.

Olivia Wong and her well deserved medal after completing Disneyland's Star Wars Half Marathon

This year has been Olivia’s first stint with the Be You training crew and her biggest goal is to get back into shape and run at least one 10K, making more running memories along the way.

If Olivia is anything besides a runner, it’s that she’s a Star Wars Lego geek! Olivia recalls one of her biggest motivations while running Disneyland’s Star Wars Half Marathon was seeing all of the spectators dressed up as Star Wars characters cheering her on.

Honey Stinger Waffles float Olivia’s boat when it comes to getting the right nutrition prior to a run and if there’s a single song that could get her mind right, it’s Don’t Stop Believin by Journey.

Beyond her love for running, Olivia is just thankful that she’s been able to find a community that she can call her’s, and is looking forward to reaching new heights with the Be You training crew as the year progresses!

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