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Meet Be You runner Diann Strom

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If Diann told you that her running journey began only 8 weeks ago at SHOES-n-FEET, then she’d be telling you the truth. A native Texan, Diann lives in Bellevue with her husband and five-year-old son, works for Puget Sound Energy, and is officially part of the Be You Training Program!

Diann made the decision to join Be You because she needed to get off the couch and start exercising regularly. The convenience of Be You being so close to home combined with the training program’s beginner-friendly atmosphere allowed Diann to fall in love with the group rather quickly.

Diann Strom showing off her official Be You Training Program certificate.

If Be You has given Diann anything so far, it’s been a reason to stop making excuses. The group running experience has been a confidence builder for Diann and an opportunity to learn the ropes of what it means to run at night and with the right gear. If anything else is for certain, it’s that she’s proud to have found a community that holds her accountable while helping her grow along the way.

Believe it or not, Diann has visited 14 U.N. World Heritage sites, making her a well-traveled individual, to say the least. Outside of traveling, Diann volunteers on the board of Eastside Baby Corner and as a member of the City of Bellevue Environmental Services Commission.

With Diann’s running journey having just begun, Her ultimate goal with the Be You Training Program is to maintain a consistent level of fitness, run a 5K, and grace the finish line like a pro. Anything else would be icing on the cake.

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