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Meet Be You runner Kate Lewellen

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Running began for Kate in middle school when she found that her love for soccer came from getting to run up and down the field. This self-discovery would have Kate pursuing cross country and track in high school, which led to her inevitable running-filled future!

Any great runner will tell you that it’s all about the little things, and for Kate, it’s no different. Rain or shine, Kate can’t run without her Boston Red Sox hat. This prized possession is a must when it comes to her running attire and is considered tradition. As a go-to pre-run snack, Kate can’t go wrong with what she calls a peanut butter tortilla sandwich. When the workouts get tough and the motivation becomes real, Kate turns to Rachel Platten’s Fight Song for some much-needed inspiration.

Kate Lewellen is back and ready to enjoy running again with Be You

Nowadays, Kate runs for fun and has the ultimate goal of finishing 26.2 sometime in the near future. Kate first joined the Be You program in 2017, participating in both the summer and winter programs of that year. After taking a break from running in 2018 and 2019 to have a baby and adjust to her new lifestyle, Kate is back with 2020 vision.

As far as Kate’s 2020 checklist goes, she’s all about staying healthy and keeping away from what she calls pesky ankle and Achilles injuries. 2020 is the year that Kate wants to train her dog to be a runner too because everybody knows that dogs can be some of the greatest running companions.

For Kate, Be You is all about the community-driven aspect of what a running group can bring to somebody’s individual lifestyle. She originally joined as a way of finding more consistency with her running routine and has since discovered the unconditional love and support that comes from such a tight-knit group. This type of environment has allowed Kate to have as much fun as possible while training to become the best runner that she can be!

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