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Meet Be You runner Alan Sharp

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Alan Sharp never thought that running could be a part of his life until he first joined the Be You Training Program in February of 2018. At the time, Alan was looking for group exercise and a new way to be social, and discovered the group to be a community full of positive energy and new friends. His goals and motivations since becoming a Be You member are simple, keep on going and continue to stay disciplined with every workout that lies ahead. Alan’s favorite running feeling is that feeling one experiences after completing a tough workout and knowing that you did it. So if he has one goal in mind for the new year, it’s to remain persistent and keep the ball rolling!

2020 means another year of races for Alan, but this year will be the first year that Alan attempts his first full marathon, Jack & Jill's Downhill Marathon. Besides this upcoming milestone, you can also find Alan training for the Lake Hills 50K Relay coming up on April 19.

Alan Sharp training and putting in work at SHOES-n-FEET as part of the Be You training program.

In addition to running, Alan also loves his music. Despite potential dangers that can come with listening to music while running, it’s still a product of reality that we all need our favorite pump-up music every once in a while to keep us working. With that being said, ask Alan about his taste in workout tunes. Some of Alan’s favorite bands include but aren’t limited to, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, and Korn.

For Alan, the beauty of running boils down to the fact that you can do it anytime, anywhere, the only requirement being your effort. If anything is certain throughout Alan’s running journey, it’s that the two were meant for each other!

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