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Gifts for Runners - Our Top 5 List

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  1. Phone holder- Last year’s list would have included a Garmin or GPS watch. But this year, no runner I know wears one of those dinosaurs on their wrist (except this blogger, because she likes having the data for all her runs of the last 4 years in one place). With the excellent smartphone apps available, like RuntasticNike Plus, or Strava, you can track your mileage, pace and duration all on the same device most runners are already carrying for safety reasons. So, a convenient and easy way to carry your phone on your runs is essential. SHOES-n-FEET  carries several kinds: Armband, Handstrap, Expandable Belt, Clip-On Pocket
    Gifts for runners
  2. Socks – The truth is, people that workout often need a lot of clothes. Many changes of workout gear will help ensure that they don’t have to spend every night slaving over a washing machine. Non-cotton running specific sock are vital, see post here, but can be a little spendy when buying 5-6 pair. An extra pair or two of great quality running socks help your beloved runner have healthy, comfortable feet and may give them an extra day in between doing laundry. Perhaps with that extra time saved they might be able to fit another run into their schedule. Priceless!
  3. Reflective gear- Many runner have to get out there either before the day’s work has begun or as it is ending. But even if you always run at high noon, here in the PacNW it can be pretty dark on overcast days, and these little items make you much more visible to drivers: Reflective Vest, Reflective Arm or Leg Bands, Reflective Hat, Flashing Light
    Gifts for runners
  4. Music – Nothing helps keep you going up a long hill or down a chilly trail like the right tunes. A CD of upbeat music or a gift card to iTunes are both great.  Another idea is to make a “mixed tape” of your favorites and send it digitally. It is great to discover new “get up and go” music, especially if your runner listens to the same running playlist 5 days a week. You can also give them a subscription to Pandora One for ad-free and higher quality music they can stream from their smartphone.
  5. Gift card to SHOES-n-FEET Running – We have so many gifts for runners, but a gift card allows the recipient to make sure the gift fits “just right.”  We'll provide the expert shoe fitting advice and attentive customer service so your beloved unner has a great experience in our store!
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