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No golf shoes, but plenty of ideas for walking comfortably

Posted by JB Smith, Co-Owner on

Dear Ask the Shoefitter,

I love to play golf but the shoes are a problem. I've never found ones that are comfortable for a 18 hole round. What can I do?



Dear Marya,

I am sorry we don't carry golf shoes, so I am not that familiar with the different brands or fit. Also, without more information as to the problems you have regarding the comfort and fit of them, I am not sure exactly what the solution would be. (Different solutins for different problems).

Here are a couple of relatively generic suggestions though, hopefully they are helpful.

Make sure they are wide enough and buy them at least half a size bigger than your regular shoes (we recommend this with most athletic and walking shoes, and would suggest the same for golf).

Look for a shoe with a removable insole/sock liner so you could add an over the counter arch support, this could make a big difference in comfort.

Finally, don't forget the importance of socks! Make sure to get a good moisture wicking sock, so your feet stay drier; double layered socks like, Wright, help prevent blisters and extra padded socks like, Thorlo, can add necessary cushioning and protection over the instep.

You can always bring your current golf shoes into a store like ours with certified shoe fitters so we can provide you with more specific solutions.

Kind Regards, JB


Dear Shoefitter,

Thank you so very much for the imput. Your store in Bellevue really helped me with shoes for trade shows (standing on my feet for very long weekends!). I will take your advice to heart.


PS. Think about getting into golf shoes. A golfer walks between 4 and 5 miles a round (and if you hit it like I do...maybe more). We need a store like you.

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