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The Name Game

Posted by JB Smith, Co-Owner on

Why did we choose "Fit to Run" as the name of for our blog*? Well, we don't think a better name could exist! SHOES-n-FEET Running provides shoes that are perfectly fit for your footwear needs, no matter what kind of feet you have and what kind of structural details you require.

We encourage you to run and participate in other activities to better your well-being and overall health - there are many ways to fit exercise and fitness into your life. But to live and stay active comfortably, your shoes have got to have the right fit. And while you may not be a pro-athlete or marathoner (then again, maybe you are!), we're certainly no amateurs when it comes to shoe fitting and selection.


*Congratulations to Cindy, our Medical Marketing Coordinator, for coming up with our blog name!

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