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Why do I need a shoe insole when I already have great shoes?

Posted by JB Smith, Co-Owner on

We carry the best shoes and try to offer the variety that will fit and support all types of feet. But an insole is a valuable tool that an experienced shoe fitter can utilize to achieve the best possible fit and support for your unique foot.

Specifically, an insole can help reposition the weight of the body more evenly over the entire sole of the foot. This takes pressure off the parts of the foot that may be bothering you and creates a more balanced and neutral foot. How your weight rests on your feet and the mechanics of walking affects your entire body alignment. It can be felt it in your back, shoulders, and hips.

An ideal scenario to think of is the act of walking in sand. As you walk, the sand comes up to meet and support your arch, but allows the foot to move and bend. Most shoes do not have enough arch support out of the box. Shoe manufacturers make shoes to be comfortable for the widest variety of foot shapes and putting in a higher arch might be irritating to some feet. This is why over-the-counter arch supports or insoles are so valuable, but they should be fitted by a professional who knows feet.

So even though your shoes are great (and we know they are great because we fit them on you!) an insole can still be an important part of the process of creating happy, healthy feet. 

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