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Why wool?

Posted by JB Smith, Co-Owner on

You may have noticed it is getting COLD! Time to stock up on wool socks!

Actually, any season is the right time for wool socks. They have so many great benefits:

  • They absorb moisture. In winter, it is great to keep wet (and therefore cold) away from your feet. But in the summer they wick sweat away from your feet on those hot days, too, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • No moisture = no blisters
  • Curly wool fibers form a natural cushion. Like tiny springs!
  • They are breathable. Your feet won’t suffocate in summer and during winter activities your feet can be comfortable, too. Wool keeps your temperature constant.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, so they help control of foot odor.
  • The soft, absorbent wool can be dyed into the deepest, richest colors that don’t fade like cotton.
  • Smartwool brand uses Merino Wool, the softest, finest wool available. Nothing is worse than itchy feet!

Come check out SHOES-n-FEET’s extensive sock wall for practical, stylish, healthy and comfortable wool socks!

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