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Amazing Feet Facts

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If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid foot pain for most of your life, you probably only think of your feet when you stub your toe or when summer’s coming and it’s time to make sure your feet are flip-flop ready. If you’re like the rest of us (75% of us will have foot pain at some point in our lives), you probably know more about your feet than you ever thought necessary.   But here are some AMAZING facts about your feet that even the most foot-smart among us might not know…

  •         Most Americans walk an amazing 75,000 miles on their feet by the time they reach age 50, which is like walking from New York to Los Angeles 25 times, or walking around the Earth at the equator three times.   Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?
  •        The skin on your feet is 20 times thicker than the rest of your skin.
  •        The average person takes 10,000 steps a day.
  •        Not surprisingly, women suffer from four times as many foot problems as men.
  •        If you read our last blog entry, you’d already know that our feet produce ½ cup of sweat per day through the 250,000 sweat glands they contain. 
  •        Toenails (and fingernails) grow fastest in hot weather.
  •        One forth of all bones in your body are in your feet (that’s 52 bones per pair of feet).
  •        Back in 15th century Europe, aristocratic women wore high heels called Chopines, over 20 inches high…the higher the chopine, the higher the social status. 

So what conclusions can we draw from all this seemingly random info? That it’s logical that people are prone to foot problems, given the 10,000 steps we take every day? That women in the 15th century put our modern day 4-inch heels to shame? That you should bring nail clippers on your next tropical island vacation?  Well, at very least maybe we’ve given you some ice breaking trivia for your next dinner party.

Leave your own fun foot facts in the comments section below!

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