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Best Running Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Running is a simple sport. All you need are shoes and shorts and you can step out the door. If you want, you can add some technology with music players and GPS pace trackers. But there is a whole category of running gear that might not be obvious, but can make your training so much more effective, comfortable and safe. These little gadgets don’t cost much but can be super helpful.

Running gadgets

Amphipod makes drink holders that are nearly effortless to hold. It may seem unpleasant to have to hold a water bottle for your entire run, but the amphipod’s have a strap that snugly holds the bottle to your hand so that you do not even need to grip it. You can keep your hands loose and relaxed and swinging normally. It comes in several sizes, insulated or non-insulated, and even includes a pocket along the hand strap to stash keys, cash or energy gels.

Everyone has seen armbands for your iPhone or music player, but it isn’t easy or convenient to see or use while it is strapped to your arm. Some runners resort to carrying their phones during their runs. Especially if you are using your iPhone for music and pace/distance tracking and need to access it often, a handheld iPhone holder is a great option. Again, it straps to your hand so that you do not need to grip the phone at all and with your free hand you can easily use the touch screen as you run.

If you don’t carry much, just a key and a card, there is a small shoe pocket that you can attach to your laces. Perhaps your shorts don’t have pockets, or when your pockets are loaded up they bounce uncomfortably. This pocket keeps the key snug against your shoe where you don’t even notice it. Perfect for items that you have to carry while you run, but don’t need to get to while you are running.

Perhaps your shorts don’t have pockets. Perhaps your short’s pocket is not big enough or secure enough for your items. Perhaps you need more than 1 pocket, or more than 2. You can add a pocket to any pair of shorts with a lock-on pouch that clips onto your waistband and zips securely.

When days are short or overcast, there is no choice but to get out there even when visibility is poor. This is a particular concern for runners in the early morning or after work. Throw on a lightweight reflective vest to help drivers stay aware of you. If running in total darkness, a headlamp is a must, but you can also use flashing lights on your arms or ankles to make sure you are seen from behind, too.

In the heat, sweat exacerbates chafing issues. Be sure the pick up some Body Glide that comes in a deodorant style stick so you can swipe it on quickly and easily. You can pack it in your pocket and it is easy enough to reapply midstride.

All of these clever and useful items are available at SHOES-n-FEET Running, where you can also talk with the knowledgable staff. Stop by and see how these simple gadgets can enhance your training!      

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