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Gifts for a Foot-astic Father's Day

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Is your father difficult to shop for? With the multiple men in your life, does gift shopping get a little complicated? In a perfect world, your classical music buff grandpa and your gadget-obsessed older brother would be pleased to receive the same awesome walking shoes and moisture-wicking socks that you bought your active uncle; unfortunately, reality is good deal pickier.

We think the fix is to find a gift that any type of guy could enjoy and that is also beneficial to his  health. We’d hate for you to arrive at Father’s Day empty-handed, so we’ve come up with a list of last-minute gift ideas to make dad (and his feet) very happy.

“Man”-icure Those Toenails

Pedicures are not just for women. More and more men are hunkering down in those plush salon chairs for some QT with their feet (the relaxing foot soak and massage doesn’t hurt). Pedicures can play a big role in better foot health. During the process, dead skin is removed, calluses are softened and cuticles are trimmed. This is will minimize painful and ugly hangnails and potential infections from dirt and buildup.

Even better, if you’re the lucky one sharing a bed with this gift recipient, you get to look forward to nights without the fear of being attacked by jagged nails and rough heels during snuggle time.

Is he wary of the paint job? Remind him that polish – clear or otherwise – is always optional.

Slip On Something More Comfortable

Slippers and house shoes are an overlooked accessory these days, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. Who knows what your brother is wearing to work these days and what damage those shoes are doing to his feet. But the right house shoes can at least give you peace of mind that he’s comfortable back at home, hanging out with his toddler after work.

A good house shoe shouldn’t be tight but should fit snuggly – no one likes it when you hear people shuffling to and fro from room to room. One shouldn’t have to hold on tight to keep them on. House shoes, whether warm traditional scuff slippers or slip-on indoor sandals for the summer, should provide at least minimal arch support and some nice cushioning to counteract the hardness of tiled or hardwood floors. They should also have some traction on the sole, so that the slippers don’t cause slipping and sliding!

Fulfill the Need for a Good Knead

Who can resist a foot massage? Sure, sometimes it tickles (and it can be embarrassing for him to take off his shoes if his feet are a mess – see “Man”-icure Those Toenails” above). But it’s hard to think of something more relaxing than a good massage on those tired soles.

Working the over 7,000 nerves of the feet in the right way can do wonders for overall health. Foot massages and hitting the right pressure points can help relieve stress, anxiety and muscle cramping, putting back both the figurative and literal “spring” in his step. Muscles feel renewed and more limber. Foot massages also improve blood circulation, which is responsible for both bringing oxygen around the body and the cleansing of toxins. With less stress in the body, blood can flow more freely. Studies have also shown massage to help boost immunity and reduce hypertension.

Food for Thought

Is your dad watching his weight or have dietary restrictions? He may not be able to wine and dine like he used to, but especially on Father’s Day, he should be able to enjoy what he eats. Look for a gourmet gift basket geared at healthy foodies. Some are delicious and “lite”, others heart healthy. There are even those that include foods specifically selected for preventing and managing Type 2 diabetes, like pistachios and smoked salmon. You can even put one together yourself; fill up a wicker basket with foods rich in vitamins C and E, fiber, potassium and unrefined carbs (check with his doctor for a list of restricted foods). Throw in a subscription to a men’s health magazine and include the first issue in the basket.

Give a Gift of Pint-Sized Piggies

So your gift is ready for wrapping, but your children still need some help with their Father’s Day surprise. How about something from the heart (and feet)? Foot prints are a fun and cute gift that dad or grandpa will always cherish, framed on his desk or up on the wall. All you need is some cardboard or canvas, non-toxic paint and enough time to clean up the mess! A dip in paint and a step or two, and your kids will have a homemade gift to give this year.

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