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I'm going to be standing A LOT this holiday season...any tips?

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The holiday season is coming up (some call it the retail season) and that means a lot more things to do for almost everyone. The people who work in retail know there will be some long days coming, of course, but it seems that many people have to get out there more during this busy time of year. And that probably means you are on your feet a lot. Shopping, standing in line, parties, volunteering; these extra activities can take their toll.

At SHOES-n-FEET we believe that properly fitting shoes are the best defense against injury due to overuse. They can help keep your feet healthy and happy during all kinds of activities. Come in to make sure your shoes are ready to support you through it all! But here are more secrets to help with the extra strain this season:

  • Compression socks, leg sleeves, and support hose assist in circulation, but did you know they actually make your legs feel springier and stronger? They stave off the leg ache at the end of a long day. Give them a try!
  • Alternate standing with sitting for a few moments. Take a little break, just a short one, to relieve pressure off your feet. Utilize the restroom if you must.
  • General stretching, like toe touches, both during your long bout of standing and each night before bed, can help relax the muscles that tense up from standing.
  • Stuck in line? Rock from heel to toe or tap your toes to keep blood flowing.  
  • Extra cushioning, like a gel insert, placed in your shoes. Even if you do not need corrective orthotics, and even if you have very comfortable shoes, a removable gel insert is great for those times you know you will be standing for a long time.
  • Remember your posture. Take a moment to move your shoulders back and tilt your chin up.
  • Consider bringing 2 pairs of shoes to an event. Switch them halfway through to use different muscles and to relieve different pressure points.
  • It is just more comfortable to stand with one foot up, like on a short step. Look around for something to place one foot up on, and then switch legs.
  • Regular exercise during this busy season is more important than ever. Strong leg and abdominal muscles will help relieve strain on the lower back, which frequently feel fatigue when standing.
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