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May's Shoe of the Month: Earthies' Teesi

Posted by JB Smith, Co-Owner on

The average women owns 17 pairs of shoes, so it's pretty likely that at least of few of those might not be flats or sneakers. But why not make your shoe collection as pain-free as possible? This month, our store in San Francisco presents to you the Teesi, by Earthies, as SHOES-n-FEET's May Shoe of the Month. These are seriously good looking shoes, perfect for the office or a night on the town. So if you want to put a little height into your outfit, but painful wedges are getting you down, let Earthies help!

We know that many women experience the eternal struggle of "Gosh, this outfit would look so much better with a pair of heels" and "I hate how my feet always hurt after wearing these things." We understand the temptation to put style over comfort, and definitely that feeling of "Ahhhh" when the night ends and the shoes come off! Luckily, every style in the Earthies® collection is about "Wellness. Elevated" - thoughtfully designed to deliver high style without any compromise in comfort. For over 40 years, the Earth brand has been creating footwear with a slight incline that maintained the wearer's natural body positioning. After great success, the brand started the Earthies line, embracing the world of fashion-forward heels and wedges but with a focus on body wellness.

Cupped heels, graduated arch support and cradled footbeds are all part of the healthy promise. A cupped heel sets the foot into the proper supported position. An anatomic arch increases touch points along the transition from the heel to forefoot, and a cradled toe area evenly distributes weight away from the toes.  Try a pair on today to experience the most comfortable fashion wedge your foot has ever touched!

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