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Moisture Wicking Socks - I need them!

Posted by JB Smith, Co-Owner on

Question:  Where can I find and/or order the moisture wicking socks? I really am having problems!

Thanks, Jamie


Funny you should ask, all we carry are moisture wicking socks.  Most of our stores carry at least 4 brands of socks:

Thorlo: Thorlo is our padded sock brand.  They will have extra padding in the heel and in the ball of the foot and on some styles they will have padding up the heel and over the instep (area where the laces cover).  These socks are made out of two main fibers one is Thorlon and the other is Coolmax.  Each one of these fibers are meant to wick moisture away and to never become abrasive to the foot helping prevent blisters and calluses.  The socks have hollow fibers that touch the skin and pull the moisture away.  They are also great if you have lost fatty pads at the ball of your foot or have narrow heels!

Wright Sock: Wright Sock is our double layered sock brand.  Both layers are made out of a fiber called Dri-Wright which is their version of Coolmax.  With this sock both layers are thinner and the two layers take up the friction to help with blisters and calluses.  With Dri-Wright it will take the moisture from your skin wick it to layer 1 then to layer 2 getting it off of your skin.

Smartwool: Smarwool is natural merino wool.  Wool is a great material that heat regulates and wicks moisture away.  With these socks most of the wicking happens in a vapor stage.  What that means is sweat does not form as much not allowing it to get to a liquid stage.  With many wool socks or products they are very itchy, with Smartwool the way they extract it from the sheep they have eliminated the itch.  They work extremely well in warm and cool weather.

Aetrex: Aetrex socks have synthetic material which wick moisture, but these socks also have copper fibers woven in.  Copper has been proven to eliminate bacteria and foot odor. 

Best regards, Certified Shoe Fitter

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