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New Brand Alert! 361 + Video Review

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Part of what makes local running stores fun is that we are often on the cutting edge of what’s new in running shoes and gear.  At SHOES-n-FEET, we have recently leaped, with both feet, into a new and exciting brand of running shoes: 361o.  The name 361o is derived from the idea that we all need to go “one degree” further (thus 360o + 1more!)

While new to the USA, 361o is already a global brand.  In China, 361o is sold in over 4,000 retails stores nationwide.  While in South America, 361is an official sponsor of the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games.  361will support the Rio Olympics and Paralympics with 106,500 uniforms for technical staff, officials and volunteers.  In the USA, 361officially launched with product sales in early 2015 and can be found in over 100 specialty running stores nationwide with SHOES-n-FEET as the only retailer in Seattle’s Eastside. 

361is unique in two ways.  First, their fit is perfectly tailored to address the number one issue that many other brands have not mastered: a snug heel fit. Loose heel fit leads to customers often wanting to purchase shoes much shorter than optimal in order to limit the movement in the heel.  The problem is that buying shoes too small is the biggest culprit for many foot ailments, including bunions, neuromas, hammer toes and more. 

The second unique product feature of 361shoes is their proprietary cushioning called Qu!kfoam.  Qu!kfoam is a foam blend cushioning that is encapsulated in polyurethane.  The polyurethane coating acts as a membrane that protects the encapsulated foam from completely squishing down and bottoming-out on impact.  This is good for two reasons.  First, it provides energy return as the encapsulated foam springs back to normal more quickly.  Second, because it the foam does not bottom-out, it retains its cushioning much longer than foam that is not encapsulated.  In addition, the Qu!kfoam is added to the standard insole in each shoe.  This makes 361o one of the only brands to use the primary cushion material in their insole. 

We carry four models in store, including two stability shoes, the Sensation and the Strata, and two neutral shoes, the Spire and the Shield.  In addition, 361o is the footwear and apparel partner for SNF Racing.  Look for SNF Racing team members sporting 361 at a local road race in 2016.  

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