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Running in the Rain

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Runner running through puddle

Running in the rain in the Pacific Northwest is inevitable. As our beautiful summer turns to fall, here’s a few tips for running safely in wet weather:

Wear a waterproof visor or hat with a band to keep the water off your face so you can see clearly. A hat will help retain heat, too.

Rain will make you cold quickly, so make sure to dress in fitted layers ensuring the layer closest to your skin is made of a material that repels moisture and water away from your skin, like polypropylene.

A lightweight, breathable jacket is helpful as it can be tied around your waist if you get too warm. It’s easy to be cold when you start your run, and then become overheated. Avoid rain slickers as they will trap heat and moisture.

Wool socks are essential. With all the moisture, blisters can easily occur. Try using Vaseline or Glide on any other areas that you typically experience chafing during summer months.

Avoid puddles as they can hide potholes. But, don’t try to hop over them, either. Roads are slippery, especially painted lines.

Visibility is low – make sure you wear reflective gear and don’t wear headphones, or at least keep the volume very low so you can hear approaching vehicles or horns.

You might not feel as thirsty when running in the rain compared to running in the heat, but it is essential that you hydrate during and after your run as usual.

A final tip: after your run, wad up some newspapers and place them inside your running shoes. The paper will absorb the water and moisture and help them retain their shape. Replace with dry newspaper if needed, and don’t be tempted to put them in the dryer as heat can compromise them.

At SHOES-n-FEET Running in Bellevue, we have a selection of running gear and socks to help you transition to the cooler, wetter winter months.

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