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By Hanson Lee, Running Coordinator at SHOES-n-FEET

It’s 3 am on a Monday, and 47-year-old Nancy Trejo begins her morning with a warm cup of coffee and her two boxers, Dexter and Paisley. The sun is far from rising, but while most are sleeping, Trejo is starting her day.

From 6 am to 7 pm, Trejo spends her time working three jobs. This may not seem normal, but for Trejo, it’s a lifestyle. Monday through Sunday, Trejo wakes up at 3 am and doesn’t skip a beat, each week spawning new challenges and experiences. With everything she’s built her life around, running has still found a way to the center of her heart.

Trejo alongside her boxers, Dexter and Paisley.
(Photo courtesy of Nancy Trejo)

Trejo began running in the summer of 2014, her first experience being the Foam Fest 5K alongside two of her friends. Soon after, Trejo would set out on the goal of finishing her first half marathon, a feat she accomplished at the 2015 Biggest Loser Half Marathon Run/Walk.

“I was pretty proud of myself,” Trejo said. “Being able to complete my first half marathon was a big deal.”

Back in 2012, Trejo was diagnosed with a neurological disorder known as Transverse Myelitis, a condition that can ultimately be defined as an onset symptom to the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As a runner, Transverse Myelitis has constantly challenged Trejo’s ability to run any distance, short and long.

It wasn’t until her second half marathon attempt at the 2017 Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon that Trejo truly found herself in an antagonistic relationship with the sport and her condition. As the race ensued, Trejo started feeling very dizzy and off-balance. She would finish the race, but her time suffered, and so did her body from the occasion.

“The aftermath was really hard on me, I was disappointed in myself,” Trejo said. “I was in tears, and everything was hurting.”

After arriving back home, Trejo convinced herself that she needed to make a choice. Either she could give up and let the condition take control, or she could stay positive and continue to fight. Trejo chose the latter and never looked back.

“I learned a lot of lessons that day,” Trejo said. “I struggled, but I finished.”

When Trejo first gave the sport a try in 2014, her condition was in a much milder state and less strenuous on her running activity. Although this was the case, her health gradually intensified with time and has now ultimately led Trejo to walk most of her events instead of running them.

By Hanson Lee, Running Coordinator at SHOES-n-FEET 

With the undeniable obstacles, she’s always anticipated having to face, Trejo has always chosen to live her life to the fullest despite the uncontrollable circumstances her condition never ceases to put her through. For Trejo, it was all about showing herself that she could do something she thought she could never do.

“It’s all in the mind,” Trejo said. “I’m gonna get up and live life till I can’t.”


Trejo completes the 2015 Biggest Loser Half Marathon.
(Photo courtesy of Nancy Trejo)

To date, Trejo has completed 213 live running events, ranging from distances of 5K up to 12K, including a couple of half marathons. Beyond her love for the sport, Trejo has worked hard to play a significant role within the running community. As a founder of the Puget Sound Runners Group on Facebook, Trejo has also stood as an ambassador for Orca Running for the past two years. Her involvement with the sport and the community that surrounds it has been nothing short of amazing.

As Trejo puts it herself, it’s all about giving yourself the confidence to know that you can. Distance and time are solely numbers to be judged, what counts is putting forth the effort to challenge yourself and live a healthier lifestyle. Trejo’s love for running can only be described as her love for the obstacles that the sport has forced her to overcome, both mentally and physically.

“If you tell yourself yes, you’d be shocked at what you can accomplish,” Trejo said. “It’s all up to you.”

At SHOES-n-FEET, we are excited to see Nancy Trejo next at our Monster Dash 5K on Saturday, October 26 in Bellevue.

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