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WelStand = Well-Being

Posted by JB Smith, Co-Owner on

It's true! Welstand means happiness and good health - in Dutch, that is. But it can mean good feet health too! How? SHOES-n-FEET is introducing a new line of insoles under the WelStand brand. So, what makes these any different from the rest of the over-the-counter orthotics options?

WelStand is about arch support that makes sense, for your feet and your wallet. Their insoles set themselves apart by providing an arch support that works no matter what your footwear need is, be it dressy, casual or athletic. No more suffering through the day without your arch supports just because the weather is nice and you're dying to wear sandals! The patent pending technology allows you to consistently use the same supportive orthotic by allowing you to interchange top covers that accommodate different shoe styles. Each soft and breathable top cover is specifically designed to "fit in" with the style of the shoe, while at the same time maintaining a high level of comfort for the wearer. Even better, the easily attachable top covers can be purchased separately, so you can replace them individually according to use.

So say goodbye to foot pain and hello to a new kind of insole! WelStand insoles are currently available at SHOES-n-FEET stores in Washington and California and online. For more details, check out the brand's website at http://www.welstandinsoles.com/.

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