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Why are Haflinger slippers so beloved?

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Haflinger Classic Grizzly

If you start talking to people who own Haflinger slippers, you will be surprised at the fervor of loyalty these simple looking wool clogs inspire. People swear by them. They wear them every chance they get. They may even have several pairs! What is the deal with that?

The German based Haflinger Company has been perfecting their slipper craftsmanship for over 50 years. Even though they are the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany, it is still a family owned business, with the grandson of the founder currently at its helm.


Their philosophy is “a comfortable foot is a healthy foot” and they incorporate that concept into the design of all their products. Every Haflinger clog and slipper provides a roomy toebox that they believe allows your toes to spread and strengthen as you walk, actively creating stronger, healthier feet. They call it a “workout” for your feet, and their latex arch support and flexible sole aid the process.

The recognizable wool upper is made from boiled or felted wool. All natural wool is knitted into a cloth and then exposed to heat and water to shrink it into the stable and durable boiled wool. This felting is a natural process that requires no chemicals and results in an excellent material for a shoe or slipper. Wool is known for its insulation and breathability, making your feet warm in the winter and cool in summer. The many benefits of wool were enumerated recently in this blog post.

The boiled wool is soft, lightweight and breathable and it molds to your particular foot shape. The sole of the clog or outdoor slipper includes a latex arch support and a rubber sole, making them suitable to wear outside. Because of their natural and durable nature, you can even wash them to prolong their use (do not put them in the dryer, though).

Haflinger Splash with Metallic AccentsHaflinger Fletcher

Do you want to try these miracle slippers on for yourself? Do you know of someone special who would love the gift of healthy feet? Stop by SHOES-n-FEET today to check out our selection. We always carry the classic Grizzly clogs, but currently we also have the Splash with metallic swirl and the Fletcher, which features wool felt on crepe sole. Stop by today!

Here are some of our popular Haflinger Shoes.

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