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Help! The Side of My Foot is Red and Sore!

Posted by JB Smith, Co-Owner on

Dear Ask the Shoefitter:

I had a tailor's bunion removed. But the side of the foot is still red and sore. I am using a toe spacer, which helps, but I think I need shoes with a bigger toe box. Do you have a recommendation?




Hi, Don,
My first recommendation would be to go to a shoe store that knows how to measure your feet properly and make sure you are wearing the correct size shoe. Our feet change in time and often people are wearing a size or more smaller than they should be in length. The second recommendation is determining the width of your foot. You need to find out if you have a narrow, medium, wide or extra wide foot and find shoes that come in the appropriate width. Both of those measurements are critical to having enough room in the toe box for your feet.  The third component, which is especially important in athletic shoes, is finding a shoe made on a last (shape) that matches your foot.  For example a curved lasted shoe will fit much narrower than a stright lasted shoe, which will fit fuller and wider. 
If you still need more room once all of these things have been properly accommodated for, and you still feel you need additional room, look for shoes with extra depth.
If you are close to a SHOES-n-FEET store, we can help you on all of these points and get you into the correct shoes for your feet.
Kind Regards,  JB
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