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Want to Walk Faster or Start Jogging? Try Interval Training

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A great way to start jogging, or, if you already run or jog and want to increase your speed, is through interval training. Interval training works by running or jogging for a specific amount of time or distance, and then following with an “interval” of a much slower jog or fast walk. This switch, between a faster pace and a recovery or slower pace is repeated several times until you’ve completed a predetermined amount of time.

Interval training is an effective method when first starting to jog. It allows you to build up your endurance by walking, mixed with short periods or bursts of jogging. Interval training pushes your body to go longer and faster by getting it used to the sense of not having as much oxygen. So, instead of having to stop and “catch your breath,” you’ll eventually be able to jog continuously, or, run faster for a longer period of time.

You can increase your pace for as little as 30 seconds during your intervals, and see some improvement in your pace. Whatever interval you decide upon, make sure that your heart rate comes down significantly during the slower portion before starting the faster interval again.

As with any new exercise, it’s very important to check with your doctor to see if interval training is safe for you. If you have heart disease or a history of heart attacks, interval training may not be a good fit for you due to the periods of high intensity. Also, seek the help of a personal trainer who can guide you when first starting.

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