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Looking for the Perfect Stocking Stuffer?

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As we kick off the holiday shopping this weekend, here's a few excellent stocking stuffer ideas for just about anyone on your gift list:


SHOES-n-FEET has a selection of the best socks available for both athletic and day-to-day activities. All of our socks offer features that make for the greatest comfort and protection. We carry several brands, including Aetrex, Jobst, New Balance, SmartWool, Thorlo and WRIGHTSOCK. We also carry a line of diabetic sock wear. Socks are vital to the health of our feet and everyone loves a great pair of socks.

Shoe polish

Shoe polish helps keep footwear in top condition and can extend the life of a favorite shoe. Shoe polish can help protect shoes from common stains caused by water, mud, dust, snow or salt.

Water proof spray

With the amount of rain we receive in the Pacific Northwest and San Francisco, everyone should have water proof spray for their shoes. Easy to use, the spray helps keep feet dry while protecting shoes.

Shoe laces

SHOES-n-FEET offers a variety laces for both athletic and dress shoes. It's good to have an extra pair on hand before you actually need them.

Foot cream and hand cream

The winter weather can wreck havoc on hands and feet. A gift of hand cream or foot cream will help soothe, soften, and moisturize hard-working hands and feet.

GU - Electrolyte essential

GU is a product athletes drink before, during, and after work outs that help replenish essential sodium, potassium and carbohydrates and helps prevent dehydration and increase stamina and endurance.

Nathan waterbottles

Nathan is a popular brand of waterbottle featuring a leak-proof cap and a flip-straw closure so you can easily drink liquids without tipping or squeezing.

Running/Walking gloves

Because up to 30% of body heat is lost through the extremities, running gloves are excellent for anyone who exercises outside during the cold winter and spring months. Running gloves keep hands warm and dry, while providing an excellent fit with stretchy fabric.


Hats help runners stay warm and aid vision by keep rain off the face. Usually made of waterproof material, they don't absorb moisture like a cotton baseball hat which will become heavy once wet.

Kinesiology tape

Different than athletic tape, kinesiology tape is pliable and allows for a full range of motion and offers structural or muscle support.

Full-Vis LED band

If you know someone who walks or runs early in the morning or at night, an LED band, worn around the arm or ankle, is an easy way to ensure visibility and increase safety.


Stop your nearest SHOES-n-FEET location to check out these and other great stocking stuffers, along with the newest comfort shoes and arch supports.

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