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September's Shoe of the Month: Alegria's Paloma

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Are you looking for a fabulous new pair of rocker soles to add a little life into your step? Bored by muted colors and ready to leave that "blah" feeling behind? Lucky for you, then, that we've picked the Paloma by Alegria as September's Shoe of the Month! We know that summer has come to a close, but don't let that keep you from taking on the fall with loads of energy!
The Paloma is a shoe that works for all occasions. It's supportive footbed and ergonomic construction promotes health and so are ideal for doctors, nurses and hospital technicians who are on their feet day in and day out. Their classic Mary Jane design is a great fit with skirts, dresses and cropped pants. Palomas come in a whole array of bright and feel-good colors and one-of-a-kind prints, with interesting textures and brilliant patent finishes, perfect for the fashionistas who want to jazz up their wardrobe with something artistic on their feet.
PG Lite's Alegria brand feature a rocker outsole and anatomically-correct footbed system to deliver full body benefits all day long. The line's fun styles deliver color therapy to make you feel good and happy inside and out. The Paloma comes with a leather removable insole, extra depth in the toebox, a flat stable bottom, and an adjustable velcro strap (don't be fooled by the ornamental button) that makes this a very comfortable shoe for both regular and wide widths.
Orthotic- and arch support-friendly, the Paloma helps relieve pressure on the forefoot and heel and encourages good posture. They are a great choice for women who suffer from lower extremity neuropathy, sore or tired feet, or feet that have lost their fatty pads. Besides being a top choice for those in the medical field, Palomas are beneficial to all who spend long hours on their feet, like teachers, hairdressers, and food industry and retail sales professionals. So stop in to a SHOES-n-FEET today and get yourself a pair - it's the best way to dive into autumn feet-first! 
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