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Training for a Marathon: Mitchell, our Runner in Residence

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Our Runner in Residence, Mitchell Darnell, talks to us about his love for running and his upcoming participation in the Seattle Marathon.

SNF: So, Mitchell, you're racing in the Seattle Marathon, which is right around the corner on November 25. Impressive! Tell us about your very first race.

Mitchell: My first race was one of the 10Ks the Magnuson Series puts on periodically.  The Magnuson Series is a great way to get introduced to racing.  All levels of runners are represented in a very fun and open atmosphere.  All the races are held in Magnuson Park in Seattle on Lake Washington.  My race happened to be on a very cold and blustery day.  I ended up running into a head wind for half the race so it was a little more difficult then normal.  I had a wonderful time what the Seattle running community is all about.

SNF: How have you trained for the Seattle Marathon?

Mitchell:  I typically run 25 miles a week with shorter mileage in the beginning of the week with a longer run on the weekend.

SNF:  Where's your favorite place to run?

Mitchell: I live in issaquah near Beaver Lake.  There is a road that runs around the lake through a wildlife preserve that is very scenic and quiet.  I enjoy that road even more during the night.  Its so dark that it feels like you are flying over the pavement underneath your feet.The route is a little over 7 miles which is the distance I like.  Around the 10K.

My favorite place to run is outside on the unpopulated trails.  I like the serenity and solitude of the mountain trails.  However, for daily running those trails aren't the most easily accessible.  I find myself running more often on tree covered streets.

SNF:  What's your favorite thing about running?

Mitchell: My favorite thing about running is the escapism.  Running those longer distances frees you from your daily stresses and worries.  When you are in the midst of a run there is only the road and you.  Nothing else matters.  It is such a pure and primal activity the world gets left behind.

SNF: What advice would you give people thinking about running a marathon?

Mitchell:  Running a marathon is no small feat.  Its not a small commitment.  If you are serious about doing it find a marathon training plan and stick to it.  You will need around 16 weeks to prepare.

SNF: If you could run one race in the world what would it be?

Mitchell: I would run the Leadville 100 UltraMarathon.  Its 100 miles through the mountains around Boulder, CO. Its a very famous race in the running community.  All the big names have run it and its got quite the reputation.  I am no where near capable of running it at this point.  But maybe one day.

SNF: Do you have anything lucky, like a good luck charm?

Mitchell:  Haha, no I am not a person who believes in luck.  I don't have any special rituals or lucky charms.

SNF: What is your favorite thing about SHOES-n-FEET Running?

Mitchell: I love being able to share my passion for running with other people.  When a customer comes in who is excited about their upcoming race and I can assist them in their preparations I get a lot of joy.  Its fun to share the love of running.

Although I have been an employee here less than one year I have already learned so much through the training SHOES-n-FEET provides.

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