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What's the most comfortable pair of shoes?

Posted by JB Smith, Co-Owner on

Quite often a customer will come in and ask “What is the most comfortable pair of shoes?” Unfortunately, that is not a simple question to answer. It is different for everybody. It depends many things such as your individual foot type, activity, even body stature. After a few quick questions and a look at your foot, gait and old shoes, we can point out several options to get started discovering what will answer "What's the most comfortable pair of shoes?" for your individual feet. A key to finding that perfect pair is the range of brands and styles that SHOES-n-FEET carries. Along with the specialized knowledge of the staff, who have seen and tried and heard feedback on each shoe, you can discover the shoe that you never want to take off. An experienced shoefitter can also help you achieve the optimum comfort with insoles. By trying a shoe with a removable insole, a shoefitter can help you choose the correct depth of insole for your feet. An insole can add cushion and stability to an already comfortable shoe. And don't panic if your shoefitter gets the scissors out on your brand new insoles. They can trim them down to create a truly customized experience.

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